[LISTEN] New mix from Murat Kilic [SPICE]

Known as the pioneer and head honcho of cult underground club movement SPICE Murat Kilic is a man who needs no introduction in this town. We are very excited to have him headlining the Goodbar underground club this Saturday night for 3hrs of power.

He recently uploaded a recording of his weekly radio show SPICE sunsets on Bondi Radio, enjoy.


Murat Kilic has been a mainstay of the Australian electronic music industry for the better part of 20 years, contributing to the development and growth of the Australian dance music scene through his role as a DJ, producer, club owner, music curator, label owner and radio host.

As a DJ/Producer Murat has released on labels such as Stil Vor Talent, OFF recordings, Lost My Dog and his own reckless Republic imprints. He plays often in noteworthy clubs around the world Watergate Berlin, Rex Paris, Hive Zurich to name a few. As a music curator, Murat has been booking talent for over 15 years and has booked many of the world’s top artists as part of this role.

His latest project Dream Channel which is part social enterprise part next gen music technology centred around a virtual world with online busking for artists with an in-built virtual tipping engine Despite all the side projects, Murat Kilic’s biggest asset and gift is his ear and his ability to translate his music knowledge on to a dancefloor, delivering creative and unique sets, something he has been doing for nearly 20 years with the same enthusiasm as when he started.

Music obsessed with every breath.