[LISTEN] Maya Jane Coles drops new EP


True Music is a new global project to support pioneering artists & realise their creative visions through a series of original music collaborations & remixes, live broadcast events, music videos and behind-the-scenes films.

The first artist on the series is the iconic producer & DJ, Maya Jane Coles.

In early 2017, Maya’s dropping a hotly anticipated double album on her own label, I/AM/ME. In the run up to that, Boiler Room and Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky are taking her to South Africa, Russia and Spain where she has hand-picked local collaborators to remix a series of her favourite tracks from the album. The result will be Maya Jane Coles’ True Music EP.

Free Download and streaming avail on the Boiler Room site:


Via Boiler Room

Our global journey with Maya Jane Coles travelled through Johannesburg, Moscow & Madrid. The final product is her True Music EP, a companion remix record for her new album with remixes from collaborators in each country: Culoe de Song in South Africa; Nikita Zabelin from Russia & finally Shlomi Aber in Spain.