[LISTEN] Jackmaster Live at FABRIC

Check this 40min excerpt of our boy Jackmaster playing at Fabric in Farrington. The set was recorded back in July last year but Fabric have only uploaded it in the last few days in the leadup to his return to Fabric at Farrington this weekend. You can check the mix and Fabric’s comments below:

“Last July after our Lovebox debut we brought the party back to Farringdon. It’s a night that’s burned into our memories which has a lot to do with the masterly command that Jackmaster (aka Jack Revill) held over Room Two. Throughout the session he worked the system, hard. Between his next level collection of disco, house and harder reaches of four four and his adept flow, something a bit magic went down.

None of you realised it then, but it was when our new Pioner Pro Audio system was settling into Room Two giving Revill a fresh level of sound to play with. It was more a little historic for us and still in stands up as one of those nights when it all came together and went next level.

So, we’re extra happy to re-live some of this experience with this 40 minute excerpt (hand-picked by the don himself) ahead of Jackmaster’s return to Farringdon this weekend. It’s the perfect prelude to the kind of quality of selection and delivery the Glaswegian talent will bring to Room One this coming Saturday, when he’s slated to close out the night”.

via FABRIC soundcloud