Cassy b2b Anja Schneider Boiler Room & Ballantine’s True Music DJ Set

Long-standing queens of all things techno, Cassy and Anja Shcneider come together for a rare b2b set at our True Music Spain party with Ballantine’s.

This Event was presented and programmed by Maya Jane Coles in collaboration with TRUE MUSIC and Boiler Room.

True Music is a new global project to support pioneering artists & realise their creative visions through a series of original music collaborations & remixes, live broadcast events, music videos and behind-the-scenes films.

The first artist on the series is the iconic producer & DJ, Maya Jane Coles.

In early 2017, Maya’s dropping a hotly anticipated double album on her own label, I/AM/ME. In the run up to that, Boiler Room and Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky are taking her to South Africa, Russia and Spain where she has hand-picked local collaborators to remix a series of her favourite tracks from the album. The result will be Maya Jane Coles’ True Music EP.

Free Download and streaming avail on the Boiler Room site:

Via Boiler Room

“Our global journey with Maya Jane Coles travelled through Johannesburg, Moscow & Madrid. The final product is her True Music EP, a companion remix record for her new album with remixes from collaborators in each country: Culoe de Song in South Africa; Nikita Zabelin from Russia & finally Shlomi Aber in Spain”. via Boiler Room