There is no question that Kölsch is one of the hottest and most talented artists on the global scene at the moment, constantly pushing into new realms as a performer and producer to stay at the forefront of dance music. With that said we are extremely excited to announce he will be performing his LIVE show with visuals  in special concert mode at Greenwood on Saturday 9th December.

To allow everyone to hear and see his spectacular LIVE show this event will operate in concert mode with a reduced event capacity allowing everyone to enjoy the show from the courtyard. #kolschalbumtour


SAT 11.03 LABYRINTH CLUB with KÖLSCH All Night Long

For danish native Kölsch, Kompakt is the “perfect label” to call “home.” The much -‐ revered Cologne-‐based imprint released Kölsch’s albums ‘1977’ and ‘1983’ continuing a tradition of providing ground breaking and genre-‐defining cuts.

Kölsch’s work proved to rewrite the rulebook on techno production, setting it on a melodic, emotion-‐induced course. Kölsch’s first critically acclaimed album release, ‘1977’, which is full of timeless tracks such as Loreley, Opa, Oma and Goldfisch, signifies the year of his birth and draws inspiration from his culturally diverse upbringing. He notes himself, “being half Irish, half German and living in Denmark – it was all one big messy period of my life.” Living in Christiania, an anarchic hippie commune in Copenhagen while spending school summers in Germany with his grandparents, he recalls how ‘1977’ was a product of “reminiscing about what shaped me as a kid” and “the weird ideas and concepts I had on my mind at the time.” While Rune attributes the emotion of ‘1977’ to the “solace” and “imaginary world that I would spend days in,” the description of ‘1983’ is as a “travel album,” sound tracking the first year he travelled through Europe aged six. The sentimentality is clear; the journey is vibrant and picturesque.

He describes the experience of traveling from Denmark through Europe to the South of France as driving from “cold northern winter through the spring into the summer.”. The elegant, anthemic, transcendent soundtrack, which engulfs the listener from the outset is a sonic coupling of classical composition and contemporary production, with the addition of Gregor Schwellenbach’s emotive orchestral strings blend in harmony with the beat-‐laden percussion, offering a symphony of sound unheard in the techno spectrum.

Kölsch has continued this run of global domination with his touring around the globe, remixes of Sven Väth, Flume and Coldplay, Ibiza commitments and his own BBC Radio 1 Residency radio show. Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac has shown her undying support, noting ‘that man is sort of King when it comes to pianos and house music. He’s got a way of wrenching your emotions.