Enzo Siragusa Interview Ahead Of Days Like This Festival 2017

This month we catch up with Londoner Enzo Siragusa – the mastermind behind London’s famous party brand, Fuse which he has even taken to Ibiza. Here we talk parties, DJ-ing and 90s rave culture ahead of his performances at Days Like This and Pitch Music & Arts Festival.

Hey Enzo, How are you? Where are we talking to you from? How is it?
I’m currently sitting in my studio in Shoreditch, London, and there is glorious sunshine coming through my window.

So how has the start to 2017 been for you so far?
Lovely, because I’ve had a holiday, and some much needed time with family. January has also allowed me the time to dig through my 25-year record collection in preparation for my marathon set at Fuse this Sunday.

You’ve got an all day long FUSE Sunday session at Village Underground this weekend, how do you find the turn out for a Sunday sesh?
It’s always rammed! Fuse at Village Underground is a guest list only party, so we don’t sell tickets. This way, we build the vibe right from the front door to make sure people are there for the music. We have a very multicultural crowd who are all there for a good time. Also not forgetting our loyal and religious followers who have been there since the start 8 years ago.

Got any survival methods for playing such a long set?
The key is to ease yourself into it. I’ll play around 9 hours this Sunday, and will start pretty relaxed by journeying through the deeper sides of my record collection with some Ambient, then into House and Techno, and who knows where we will end up.
I’ll also eat lots of good wholesome food in the lead up and I’ve also been training in the gym this month, which will definitely make a difference.

You’ve said before that you’re a vinyl addict, but how many records would you say you own roughly?
That is very hard to say. Probably around 8,000. I even have a large collection stored at my grandma’s house, which is most of my stuff from 1993 – 2003, a lot of that is Old Skool rave and Drum & Bass. 2003 onwards, that’s all in my studio.

You’ll be playing at Pitch and Days Like These in Australia in March have you been out there before?
Yes, I was in Australia in Dec 2015, I played at Subsonic and SASH.

What kind of vibes will you be bringing to your sets in Oz?
Expect big Fuse London bass lines and grooves, and I’ll also be playing some new material, upcoming collaborations between myself, Archie Hamilton and Subb-an.

Where are you most looking forward to visiting?
I am very much looking forward exploring Melbourne. I didn’t get to see much last time and have only heard good things. But I do absolutely love Sydney, I completely fell in love with it last time, the vibe and also the food. I love my food!

Will you get any downtime whilst you’re there if so what do you hope to do?
Yes I hope to get a little bit of downtime with best mate who now lives in Manly.

Fuse has gained a massive following now, and you had your first summer residency at Amnesia in Ibiza? Did it feel like a milestone for you?
Definitely, because I have spent so much time on the Amnesia dance floor in the past. I’ve had many residencies in Ibiza and explored all aspects of the island throughout 20 years, as a clubber, worker, and DJ. So to take my event concept to Amnesia, that was very special for me.

Do you have any plans to head out to Ibiza again this summer?
I always intend to go to Ibiza; I haven’t missed a single summer since 1996.

Any big FUSE events planned for 2017 that we can look forward to?
As usual there will be some bigger showcases in London this year outside of Village Underground. You’ll have to watch this space for other event news, all to be revealed!

Obviously, you’re heavily influenced by 90s rave culture, what elements of this do you inject into FUSE events to keep a “traditional” rave atmosphere?
It all comes down to the sound. When I used to go to warehouse raves in the 90s, I was blown away by the sound. As soon as you were in front of those speakers you could feel it, you wanted to move, dance as hard as you could. That is the traditional rave culture element we bring to Fuse today. I myself work closely with engineers to make sure that as soon as you walk in, the incredible sound hits you. This is why we are very selective with where we do showcases, as it’s the most important element, and it allows the rest to come together naturally through the music.

Catch Enzo Siragusa at Days Like This Festival 2017
11th March – Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney