It’s been years in the making. Now is the time when two worlds collide. Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy’s landmark 11 11 album featuring standout tracks like “My Heart” and “Tourist Trap” is not only finally available but they are giving it away as a free download via Beatport HERE


01. Never Walk Alone (Original Mix) 03:52
02. Broken Windows (Original Mix) 06:55
03. Floating Messiah (Original Mix) 10:07
04. Lifted (Original Mix) 07:26
05. Angels feat. Chaim (Original Mix) 05:28
06. I Hear Her Calling Me (Original Mix) 06:52
07. Tourist Trap (Original Mix) 06:44
08. Let Go (Original Mix) 08:29
09. Indian Summer (Original Mix) 09:27
10. My Heart (Original Mix) 06:34
11. Terminal K (Original Mix) 07:50